Sunday, October 27, 2013

C2C2C Cactus to Clouds Trip report + Comments of Meetup Group's Skyline/ C2C

Round trip report on Cactus to Clouds and Meetup group's Skyline comments
Cedarandsand trip report at Cedar Mesa   Scroll Down
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Yeah Xiuyan, did C2C last weekend and there were some areas after flat rock to the top of Skyline and between Long Valley and Wellman Divide where there was ice but all of it was manageable to get through/around. And can say it has been cold in the morning but has warmed as it got later in the day. Based on this, I don't plan to bring my microspikes Sunday. Also, I'll get a report from friends doing C2C tmrrw (Satutday) and get back here in comment area if I hear we need to bring microspikes.


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  2. Going up from Marion on Thursday, any advice about how much water to carry, spikes needed etc. Will be my first time up, exp. includes Mt. Whitney, Half Dome, GG Rim to Rim, all in one day. I do endurance racing so am in pretty good shape (1/2 IM races are my specialty).

    1. Three quarts is usually enough. You will need spikes or crampons. This news storm brought snow above 5000 ft.