Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rare Snow Leopard Caught On Camera in Pakistan

The endangered snow leopard is a rare sight.  There are an estimated 4000 to 6500 left
Mt Hood - Reid Headwall by Cascade Climbers


January 28, 2014 - 15:40 | Author: Sara Sottocornola

Snow leopard photographed in Pakistan (Photo courtesy N.Geographic)
Snow leopard photographed in Pakistan (Photo courtesy Bishof-AliNawaz N.Geographic)

Skardu, Pakistan - is directly at the camera, as if to pry close the strange instrument that is photographing. Are clear and spectacular shots coming from the Karakorum, where in recent days a snow leopard was captured by a camera trap installed by some researchers. Here's a taste.

The photos, which appeared in National Geographic, were taken as part of an international research project on the famous feline Asia, considered endangered by the IUCN and difficult to photograph. The photos are the work of Richard Bischof Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and Muhammad Ali Nawaz of Snow Leopard Foundation Pakistan.

"We work in remote areas at high altitude - said Bishop -. It 'difficult, but also fascinating. We use digital cameras with motion sensor, which we place in areas where they were found traces of snow leopards, of which we collect reeds escrement for the analysis of DNA. And 'the precious collaboration of a group of skilled biologists Pakistani experts camera traps



Mt Hood - Reid Headwall


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