Saturday, April 19, 2014

Everest Avalanche - Interview with Simone Moro + Levitation at Red Rock + Telescope Pk

Famous climber Simone Moro reveals some interesting views on his interview
Grripped - No climbing for 4 days - Includes Video
UK Climbing also includes Video with other links
VitaliyM climbed Levitation at Red Rock
Telescope Peak from Shortey's Well on the desert floor

Mt Wilson 
Cyril Kaicener's photo. 

Photo: In celebration of National Park Week,this week we are highlighting other national park service units with which we share a connection.  In turns out that Grand Canyon National Park and Grand Teton National Park share more than just being 'Grand' - they also share a birthday.  Grand Canyon NP was created on February 26th, 1919, and Grand Teton NP was created one decade later.  Also sharing a birthday with us are Lafayette NP (now Acadia) and Mount McKinley NP (now Denali).  To find other interesting or obscure connections within the NPS, click the tag #SixDegreesNPS.

Also, if you missed our earlier post with a slideshow of photographs from 2012, make sure you follow this link to watch the video (or visit the video section of our page):

(dl, photos credits NPS, Yavapai Point View; Cascade Canyon)
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