Thursday, November 20, 2014

Chugimago West Face 6259m F/A + Verbier and Punta Croce + Wild Thing on Mt Chephren (Canada)

Chugimago West Face 6259 meters - first ascent by Sam Hennesey and Domen Kastelic (Slovenia)
Verbier and Punta Croce in the Alps trip report with pictures by Charlie Boscoe
Leclerk and Lavige climb Wild Thing 1500m on Mt Chephren in Canada by Gripped Magazine
An Oddyssey to Shangri La trip report with pictures by Vitaliy M  -- Chugimago West Face - Nepal - 6259 meters - first ascent by Sam Hennessey of the USA and Domen Kastelic of Slovenia  -- Charlie Boscoe -- UK and France -- Verbier and Punte Croce  -- Leclerk and Lavigne climb Wild Thing on  Mt Chephren in Canada  --  An Oddyssey to Shangri La --  Vitaliy M  --  California  Please log in  Please log

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