Monday, March 9, 2015

Nanga Parbat Second Summit Push + Mount Hood - Yocum Ridge + Shivling - The Perfect Attempt

Winter 2015 - Nanga Parbat Second Summit Push is happening - by Raheel Adnan
Mt Hood - Yocum Ridge trip report with pictures by Ryan Hoover
Shiveling - the Perfect Attempt by Daniela Texeira and Paulo Roxo of Portugal
Newfoundland's huge new mixed route - Apocalypse Now - by Gripped Magazine
New West Coast winter mixed/ice routes by Jason Kruk, Richardson and Peterson
Chamonix - Goulottes "Petit Viking" and Modica - Nouri / Montoj - trip report & pictures  -- Raheel Adnan -- Pakistan -- Winter 2015 - Nanga Parbat second summit push is happening  -- Ryan Hoover -- Oregon -- Mt Hood - Yocum Ridge  Please log in  Please log

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