Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chapelle de la Gliere & Aiguille Purtscheller + Trekking up the Baltoro + Austrian Tirol + Mt Marathon (Alaska)

Chapelle de la Gliere and Aiguille Purtscheller South Ridge in the French Alps by Charlie Boscoe
Trekking up the Baltoro photos by Garrett of Madison Mountaineering
Ehenbachklamm in the Austrian Tyrol trip report with pictures by Stefano
Kilian Journet runs Mt Marathon - 3000 ft gain and loss in a record 41 minutes and 48 seconds -- Charlie Boscoe -- UK and Chamonix -- Chapellede la Gliere and Aiguille Purtscheller South Ridge -- Garrett -- Trekking up the Baltoro in the Karakorum -- stefano -- Austria -- Austrian Tirol - ehenbachklamm     Please log in  Please log in


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