Monday, November 2, 2015

Slovenians climb New Routes in Kyrgyzstan + Mingma Sherpa's Worst Mistake (Chobutse) + Patagonia's New National Park

Slovenians climb new routes in Kyrgyzstan repost with pictures by Planetmountain
Mingma Sherpa : It was my worst mistake (Chobutse 6685 meters) + Video
Patagonia's controversial new national park by the Guardian - report with pictures
Advanced base camp preparations with Bill Burke climbing Burke Khang -- Slovenians climb new routes in Kyrgyzstan -- Mingma Sherpa -- Nepal -- Chobutse - It was my worst mistake -- Chobutse Video (posted November 2)  

Jorge, Graeme Green’s hiking guide in Parque Patagonia  -- Bill Burke -- Advanced base camp preparations                Please log in     Please log in


Bright Angel Trail 

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