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Txikon & Sadpara Reach 6500 m on Nanga Parbat + Palm Srings Desert Areas + Marmolada d' Ombretta - Nanga Parbat Update

Txikon & Sadpara reach 6500m on Nanga Parbat until they notice a rope of 500m .Sleeping at 6100 meters
To the Desert - images of the Palm Springs desert areas by
Marmolada d' Ombretta 3247 meters (Italy) trip report with pictures from Summitpost
Possible summit attempt on Nanga Parbat report by Raheel Adnan -- Txikon and Sadpara reach 6500 meters on Nanga Parbat until they notice a rope of 500 meters. Now sleeping at 6100 meters
At 8: 00, we received the first call from Base Camp two climbers: "The night was very cold, -30ÂșC, but we are ready to start." And so it was, thanks to the binoculars we could see the first snow-free 2Ktik out and start over.
16: 00 2Kn return they were contacted again to communicate: "We have only 500 meters of rope, 3Ktik (6.700m), we will be 200 meters." Road has been mostly mixed today, and the sun (unlike the previous days). As tomorrow's plan to dismantle and store everything from 2K to leave depositatuta head, begin to BKranzko. Down that road, Kinshofer wall "serious" equipped with the old rope to climb the previous day of last year's noticed him. According to weather forecasts, even if they still have a few days of good weather, but it will be impossible to Sadparari Txikon and they lack the rope to keep it up: "Even yesterday we were Ali and I climbed on the shoulders of twenty kilos here, we have not only between 3Kra (6,700 m) to reach the top rope enough porteatzea -2K- here, "she says Txikonek.
They wanted to start a little earlier in today's session, but yesterday Tuesday, September 16 was a long day indeed: from 22 to just over 00 when they were called BKra; 2Kko inside the store and were ready for the snow to melt.
On the other hand, Czech, Polish Bielecki and all their things that they used to go down to BKra tanks 1Ktik higher yesterday. Adam Bielecki who today announced they have completed the expedition and soon will begin the long journey etxeranzko: as the main reason, the attempt a failure and bad weather mentioned in Alpine They.  --  AlbertoRampini  --  Italy  --  Marmolada d' Ombretta 3247m  --  Raheel Adnan  --  Pakistan  --  Possible summit attempt on Nanga Parbat       Please log in     Please log in

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