Monday, June 6, 2016

European Alps Training + The Thumb (Sierras) + Half Marathon Traverse Video + Nanga Parbat is Back & Interesting Expeditions

Acclimatising for the European Alps report with pictures by
The Thumb in the High Sierras pictures by Calicokat on Smugmug and Facebook
Best half marathon ever - Traverse video by Kilian Journet of Spain
Karakorum - Summer 2016 - Nanga Parbat is back and some interesting expeditions -- Acclimatisation for the European Alps -- Report with pictures -- Calicokat -- California -- The Thumb - Pictures from the High Sierra -- Kilian Journet (Spain) Traverse Video - The best half marathon ever  --  Nanga Parbat is back and some interesting expeditions       Please log in     Please log in

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