Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cactus to Clouds (San Jacinto) in Summer + Alpinists Missing in Pakistan + Funding Appeal for Missing Alpinists + Baintha Brakk 2 (Ogre 2 )

Cactus to Clouds hike in summer - trip report with pictures and video by Hiking Guy
Support Fund to search for American alpinists missing in Pakistan - Gripped Magazine
Funding appeal for Scott Adamson and Kyle Dempster missing on Ogre 2, Pakistan
Climbers missing on Baintha Brakk 2 (Ogre 2 6980 m ) - search and rescue mission underway  --  Cactus to Clouds hike in summer  -- Includes Video  --  Hiking Guy - California         --  Missing American alpinists in Pakistan     --  Funding appeal for Adamson & Dempster missing on Ogre 2    --  Climbers missing on Baintha Brakk 2 (Ogre 2 6980 m ) - Search and rescue mission underway       Please log in     Please log in  --  
 Josh Lewis of Summitpost

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