Friday, June 22, 2018

Cerro Paine Grande New Route + K2 Weekend Update 22 June + 9 Year Old Pakistani Girl's Record + Dutch Hindu Raj Expedition

New Route on Rimed Up Cerro Paine Grande in Patagonia - from Gripped Magazine
K2 2018 Summer Season : Weekend Update 22 June - from Alan Arnette (detailed)
9 Year old Pakistani mountain princess makes new climbing record - Pakistan Mtn News
Dutch Hindu Raj expedition - June 2018 - by -- New route on rimed up Cerro Paine Grande in Patagonia -- Alan Arnette -- K 2 2018 Summer Season : Weekend Update 22 June 9 Year old Pakistani mountain princess makes new climbing record - Dutch Hindu Raj Expedition - June 2018
The Hindu Raj is a mountain range in Northern Pakistan, between the Hindu Kush and Karakorum ranges. The area features a lot of beautiful 5000 and 6000m peaks. Some of them are still unclimbed, and there is a lot of potential for new routes. We, four Dutch climbers, are going to climb in a very seldom visited valley. In a few weeks we'll be on our way. Follow our adventure on this page.

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Accident at Latok I (Karakoram, Pakistan)
There are some sad news about an expedition of a three member group of Korean nationals met with an accident during climbing of Latok I. Out of three climbers, two are injured and being evacuated by Askari Aviation.
Pakistan Mountain News will update all the incident in detail once there will be some confirm news as the satellite phone of the climbing group is also not accessible right now.

A sign at the South Fork trailhead warns hikers of two bear maulings in the area Wednesday. On Friday, authorities confirmed Michael Soltis, 44, was killed by a bear. (Matt Tunseth/ADN)

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