Saturday, June 27, 2020

Four Sisters Traverse RT (Oregon Cascades) + Kallkoegel (Austrian Tyrol) + Meetup Touring Monkeys (Alps)

Three Sisters Wilderness (Oregon)  -4 Sisters Traverse from Tomalo Falls T/R -CascadeClimbers
Kallkoegel - Austrian Tyrol - Trip report with pictures - from BecauseFlatSucks website Chamonix - Touring Monkeys - Pictures from Switzerland

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -- 3 Sisters Wilderness - 4 Sisters Traverse RT from Tomalo Falls - Trip report   -- Kallkoegel - Austria - Tirol - Trip report with pictures.   -- Touring Monkeys Chamonix - Pictures in Switzerland and France


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https://www.roadschola -- Norway

Like probably many climbers, it has been a slow spring for me. After two months of confinement with zero climbing and nearly zero exercise (the rules in France were strict, and in a crowded place like Chamonix they were really enforced), I was too excited to climb when confinement ended - Five days of climbing in a row gave me some sort of wrist injury. So, I took another 2.5 weeks off from climbing, and only started again recently. This time I’m easing into it more gently, trying to make sure I don’t hamper my wrist recovery at all. I pretty much have a current climbing level that I usually would have after a long expedition at high altitude... just minus the long expedition! In any case I’m grateful to be out climbing again, and regaining the feeling of fitness. These photos are from recent days around Chamonix, mostly climbing on rock, but with one lap up the Frendo Spur in very slushy conditions. Photos 1 and 3 are by @robsmith_mountainguide @patagonia_climb @petzl_official @scarpaspa @totemmt @ Chamonix, France


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