Friday, November 13, 2020

Skiing Nepal and Pakistan : New Winter Trend + 2 Hikers Rescued on Mt Elbert CO + Sierra De Los Baguales - Cerro Redondo - Chile

 Skiing Nepal and Pakistan : A New Winter Trend -- from .

2 Hikers in jeans and tennis shoes rescued on Mt Elbert - Colorado  -- by

Sierra De Los Bagueles - Cerro Redondo - Chile/Patagonia - from Paragonia Vertical Facebook

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    --  Skiing Nepal and Pakistan : A New Winter Trend.    --  Two hikers in jeans and tennis shoes lost on Mt El Elbert CO rescued.    --  Sierra De Los Baguales - Cerro Redondo - Patagonia/Chile

In mid-October, and inspired by photos from friends that had opened “Painakan” earlier in the month (see previous post), Antonia Alduna, Sebastian Pelletti and Nico Secul, visited Cerro Redondo where they opened “Contra Corriente”, a second line on the south face. The first pitch climbs a steep waterfall (WI5 60m), to then follow snow-ramps (60˚) with short mixed sections. A traverse to the right led to another two-pitch ice section (to 90˚), and more snow and mixed terrain to reach the ridge. The summit offered incredible views of the entire southern Patagonia cordillera, from Cerro Fitz Roy to the north, and the Torres de Paine to the southwest. On the way back they crossed two Pato de los Torrentes (an endangered duck species) swimming up-stream: “counter current”. 

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