Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Ellen's Skyline trip report
Met the Craigmeister, Hengst Joe, Kathryn and 11 other intrepid souls at the museum for a 4:35 AM start. As soon as I stepped out of my car, I could feel the heat and humidity. My headlamp died on the way up to the picnic tables -- this happened on my last Skyline too, maybe it's an omen Laughing Most of the hikers were first time Skyliners. I led, Craig kept track of everyone front and back and Kathryn was trail sweep.

At the top of Shade Rock, the sunrise (hidden in clouds) looked like a large blaze in the Chocolate mountains -- absolutely gorgeous. The group stayed together nicely -- only one person turned back at Shade Rock. The play of sunlight and clouds on the Coachella valley and San Jacinto was marvelous and of course my new camera was at home. The Dynamic Duo caught us at the very beginning of the Never Ending Ridge and went on ahead. The heat was oppressive -- it felt like the oxygen had been sucked out of the air.

We took a lunch break in the trees above Flat Rock. Patti passed us, looking like she was out for a stroll. By comparison, I looked rode hard and put away wet Laughing Started up through the manzanita and started the never ending process of wiping the sweat out of my eyes so I could see. Took a short rest and picture break at the Thankyou Jesus Rocks at the beginning of the traverse. The shade and cooler, pine-scented air were revitalizing. Took pictures at Coffman's -- the first timers really enjoyed this awesome view -- before grinding up the final 400 feet to Grubbs Notch.

We regrouped in the tram bar and enjoyed celebratory beverages, then cabbed back to the car and continued to recover at Las Casuelas. It was a great day with old and now new friends.

Miles of smiles,

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