Monday, May 23, 2016

Makalu Summits + Everest Summits Without Oxygen + Everest Summits & Tragedy + Rosa Ramble Pictures + Everest Female Ascent - No Oxygen

Makalu and Everest summits without oxygen and tragegy on Southside - by Raheel Adnan
Everest 2016 - Hundreds summit, first Ukranian woman, frostbite and 2 deaths - Gripped Magazine
Sants Rosa Peak and Ramble pictures from Coachella Valley Meetup group
Everest - Another female ascent without bottled oxygen - with Melissa Arnot -- Raheel Adnan -- Pakistan -- Makalu Summits -- Everest: Summits without bottled oxygen and Tragedy on Southside -- Everest 2016 - Hundreds summit, First Ukranian woman, Frostbite, and Two deaths  --  Rosa Ramble pictures

Eddie Bauer guide Melissa Arnot, topping out on one of her record-breaking six summits of Everest. Photo: David Morton       Please log in     Please log in  

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