Sunday, May 15, 2016

Seventeen More Scale Everest (Sunday 5/15) + Iron to Baldy Traverse 5/14 + Everest - Wave # 3 Summits + Matterhorn Video + Striped Mountain (Sierras)

17 more climbers summit Mt Everest May 15 making a total of 62 this year - Nepal Mountain News
Iron to Baldy traverse by the Coachella Valley Meetup group - slide show
Everest 2016 - Wave # 3 Summits and major push on - by Alan Arnette
Super Heroes Video on the Matterhorn with Kilian Journet descending
Striped Mountain in the High Sierra - Pictures from Calicokat  --  17 more climbers summit Mount Everest  --  Iron to Baldy Traverse
Everest - wave # 3 Summits and major push on
Super Heroes Video in the Alps
 --  Calicokat  --  California  --  Striped Mountain in the High Sierra       Please log in     Please log in

Sao Miguel Island-Azores:

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