Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Everest : Indians Fake Summit Claim + Denali Field Report 6/10/19 + Chamlang F/A in Nepal + Everest May be Safer than Ever + Slovak Direct on Denali by Spanish

Everest 2019 :  Indians fake their summit claim - from Alan Arnette on his detailed blog
Denali Field Report - June 10th 2019 - from nps.gov/dena - with summary by Alan Arnette
Chamlang UFO Line : Marek Holecek reports of alpine style first ascent in Nepal - Planet Mountain
Everest may actually be safer than ever - from Explorersweb.com - Report with pictures
Bru Busom and Mark Toralles od Spain repeat the Slovak Direct on Denali, 6194m  -- Barrabes.com

http://www.alanarnette.com/blog/2019/06/10/everest-2019-indians-fake-their-summit-claim/ -- Alan Arnette -- Everest 2019 : Indians Fake their Summit Claim

https://home.nps.gov/dena/field-report-june-10.htm -- Denali Field Report - June 10 2019
Alan Arnette
15h15 hours ago
Denali 2019 is moving along at a normal pace. 232 summits out of 513 attempts or 45%. Still almost 500 on the mountain. Rangers helped a frostbitten climber down from Denali Pass to high camp the evening of June 6.

https://www.planetmountain.com/en/news/alpinism/chamlang-ufo-line-marek-holecek-reports-alpine-style-first-ascent-nepal.html -- Chamlang UFO Line :Marek Holecek reports of alpine style first ascent in Nepal

https://explorersweb.com/2019/06/11/everest-may-actually-be-safer-than-ever/ -- Everest May Actually Be Safer Than Ever

https://www.barrabes.com/blog/noticias/ ... es-repiten? -- Bru Busom and Marc Toralles repeat the Slovak Direst to Denali, 6194 m


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Palm Springs Mounted Police Search & Rescue
Like This Page · 15 hrs ·
At approximately 11:50 AM the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue, with PSFD, were call out to rescue a dehydrated male hiker on a popular local hiking trail. PSMP-SAR & PSFD performed a litter carry out of the patient to an AMR ambulance. While performing the carry out of patient #1, PSMP-SAR and PSFD had to divert personnel to assist an additional dehydrated hiker on the same trail. Patient #1 was transported via AMR and patient #2 refused medical aid. The temperature while performing the rescues was approximately 110 Degrees. PSMP-SAR urges hikers not to hike in the middle of the day, never hike alone and to always be prepared by carry lots of water and hydrating prior to hiking.



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