Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alpine-Style First Ascent of NW Face of Mt Deborah (Alaska) + 10 Driest Places on Earth + El Capitan - Salathe Wall + Grand Combin de Graniere + Mt Kinabalu

Jonathan Griffith and Will Sim make Alpine Style first ascent of NW Face of Mt Deborah - Alaska
The 10 driest places on earth - report with pictures
El Capitan - Salathe Wall - Trip report with pictures by Vitaliy M
Grand Combin de Graniere snowboard trilogy by Davide Capozzi and team - Italy
Quake traps climbers on Malaysia's Mt Kinabalu - BBC News

Grand Combin de Grafenière: the routes

Grand Combin de Grafenière SW Face: Davide Capozzi & Julien Herry   Please log in  Please log in

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