Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Prusik Peak - North Cascades + New Mont Blanc Rock Climb + Cerro Marconi Sur Solo + N Face of Mt Silliman F/A ?

Prussik Peak : Solid Gold. Burgner-Stanley, Bovington-Christensen, and a potential F/A on W Face trip report with pictures by Steph Abegg in Washington
Monte Blanco di Presanella and the new rock climb - Il Male Vivere -
Solo on friable rockon Cerro Marconi Sur in Patagonia by Marcus Pucher of Austria
Possible first ascent of the North Face of Mt Silliman (Sierras) trip report with pictures
 Steph Abegg -- Washington -- Prusik Peak : Solid Gold, Burgner-Stanley, Bovington- Christensen, and a potentiel F/A on the west face Monte Blanco di Presanella and the new rock climb- Il Male di Vivere   Please log in  Please log in

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