Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vandever Mtn and Peak 11,783 + Grand Explorations in Utah + Mike Libecki Climbing Video

Vandever Mountain and Peak 11,783 in the High Sierras trip report with pictures by calicokat
Grand Explorations in Utah trip report with pictures by Scott at Summitpost
Mike Libecki goes where rescue is impossible climbing video from facebook on CNN
Take it or Leavitt Traverse by Eric Su (PeaksforFreaks)  in facebook - 30 miles - 15,700 ft Gain

http://calicokat.smugmug.com/Hiking/Sierra-Nevada/Vandever-Mtn/49646174_sJfT4X#!i=4099640067&k=76K2Hf5 -- calicokat -- California -- Vandever Mountain and Peak 11,783 in the Sierra Nevada (California)

http://www.summitpost.org/grand-explorations/941674 -- Scott -- Colorado -- Grand Explorations in Utah


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