Thursday, October 31, 2013

Second Time Lucky in Tajikistan + Interview with Tom Grant

Success in Tajikistan with British climber John Procter   --  (Under Tom Grant)
Tom Grant has some great pictures in the Alps  --   (On top)
Andreas Fransson skiing video
Korean ascent of Lhotse  --  Tom Grant  --  UK

Andreas Fransson skiing video

======================================================================  --  John Procter  --  UK  --  Tajikistan

================================================================  --  Cy K  --  California  --  Updated  --  Korean ascent of Lhotse


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lhotse Summit Push + New Page on Summitpost October 30 2013

Raheel has posted on Explorersweb that the action continues with a Lhotse summit push
New page on Personal (climbing) Websites on the Summitpost forum in the General Section
A 7 day first ascent in the Kishtwar Himalaya by the British


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Gauri Shankar. First Ascent of the South Face by the French + Torre Luisa

The south face of Gauri Shankar first ascent by the Palamade team
Torre Luisa by Silvia Mazzani
Great Western Divide traverse by Dave K

Great Western Divide traverse

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

French Climbers Evacuated From Annapurna B.C + Baffin Adventure

Annapurna South Face - French climbers evacuated from Annapurna Base Camp - Stephane suffered frostbite
The Canadian Alpine Club Baffin adventure with Andrew Wexler
Rock climbing in the UK Video
Great Western Divide traverse from Summitpost - Thunder - Table Mountain - Milestone  --  Raheel Adnan  --  India  --  Stephane has frostbite from Annapurna ascent -- Andrew Wexler -- Canada -- Updated

=======================================================================   --  Video from Cornwall



Jasper National Park - Alberta

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Redlands Hiker Missing For a Week Found + Four Gables Trip Report

A hiker missing for a week has been found in Coldwater Canyon above Arrowhead Springs
Kathy Wing's pictures at Four Gables in the Sierra Nevada
Jonathan Griffith in the Cherakusa Valley of Pakistan
Diarrhea and sunstroke in the Kokshaal-Too  --  Alpinist

======================================================================  --  Kathy Wing  --  California  --  Four Gables  --  Jonathan Griffith  --  UK  --  Charakusa Valley

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

C2C2C Cactus to Clouds Trip report + Comments of Meetup Group's Skyline/ C2C

Round trip report on Cactus to Clouds and Meetup group's Skyline comments
Cedarandsand trip report at Cedar Mesa   Scroll Down
This is just one comment
Yeah Xiuyan, did C2C last weekend and there were some areas after flat rock to the top of Skyline and between Long Valley and Wellman Divide where there was ice but all of it was manageable to get through/around. And can say it has been cold in the morning but has warmed as it got later in the day. Based on this, I don't plan to bring my microspikes Sunday. Also, I'll get a report from friends doing C2C tmrrw (Satutday) and get back here in comment area if I hear we need to bring microspikes.


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Friday, October 25, 2013

More South Annpurna Summits + C2C Pictures + Cimate Change Jouney Video

My latest summitpost's forum climbing news posts
Alpinist and Planetmountain report that two French climbers climber the South Face in alpine style
British climber discovers high altitude Inca Ruins
Sandy Allen climbs Labouche Peak  --  Raheel Adnan  --  India  --  More summits on Annapurna  --  Jonathan Griffith  --  UK  --  Awesome pictures  --  KostyaZ  --  Russia  --  New Member  --  dinomyte  --  California  --  Cactus to Clouds

Snow Creek to Mt San Jacinto  --  A journey to the edge of climate change Video

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catherine Destivel's Amazing Solo Climb in Mali Video + Everest Report

Youtube has an excellent video of Catherine Destivelle climbing in Mali Africa.   See- Its Crazy what's happening on Everest on Explorersweb

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Ice and Alpine Climbing in Alaska Video + 2 Weeks in the Alps

Aaron Mulkey on has posted a great video
Two weeks in the Alps by
Round the World Cyclist set to resume journey by the Adventureblog



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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Cordillera Blanca in Peru + Patagonia - 3 First Winter Ascents

A Brazillian climber at Summitpost has a trip report from the Cordillera Blanca in Peru with pictures
Herve Bermasse makes three first winter ascents in Patagonia  --  cissa solo  --  Brazil  --  Cordillera Blanca  --  cissa in Peru

Cyril Kaicener's photo.



Cerro Torre

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