Thursday, April 30, 2020

Missing Trekkers Bodies Found in Nepal + Skiers Caught in Avalanche in E. Sierra + Everest - Sherpas at C2

The bodies of missing trekkers found in Nepal 3 months later -  from
Skiers caught and injured by avalanche in the Eastern Sierra CA require helicopter rescue - SnBr
Virtual Everest 2020 : Sherpas at C2  -- Alan Arnette  -- from Alan's detailed blog

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Bodies of missing trekkers found in Nepal 3 months later/ -- Skiers caught and injured by avalanche in the Eastern Sierra, CA (Onion Valley) require helicopter rescue  --  Virtual Everest 2020 :  Sherpas at C2

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Onion Valley Avalanche SAR
ONION VALLEY (above Independence), CA. April 29, 2020 – Shortly after 11:00am Inyo County Sheriff’s Dispatch received notification of an avalanche in the Onion Valley area. Inyo County Sheriff Jeff Hollowell and Sheriff’s Office Deputies were first to arrive on scene and provided first aid to the patients until the Inyo Search and Rescue team arrived.
Further information revealed that two individuals from the Tahoe area came to Onion Valley to rock-climb and ski. The male/female pair set out around 9:30am to ascend, then ski a prominent canyon on the northeast side of Independence Peak, near the Kearsarge trailhead. After climbing for several hours they heard, then saw, an approaching avalanche. Both were caught up in the moving snow; the male skier was able to grab some rocks until the snow passed, while the female was carried out of sight down the canyon.
After the avalanche passed the male skier who maintained stabilization moved down the canyon and located his partner. Unfortunately her injuries were too severe for her to be carried out. CHP Central Division Air Operations (H-40) inserted one Inyo SAR member to the location, and the patient was hoisted by helicopter and flown to Southern Inyo Hospital for treatment.
While we are grateful that these two avalanche survivors will recover, as a reminder Inyo SAR and the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office have released an official request for the recreating public to adhere to the current CA Stay at Home Order, and not participate in high-risk outdoor activities. If you get sick, lost or injured and require SAR assistance, the responding team of volunteers will have to break social distancing and State mandated Stay at Home Order by sharing rescue equipment, radios, and vehicles. You will be potentially taking those rescuers out of service for weeks due to post-mission quarantine protocols

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Rescue from Avalanche on N Face of Mt San Jacinto + Virtual Everest 2020 : Camp 2 + A Perfect Patagonia Premiere

Avalanche on the N Face of Mt San Jacinto promts hiker rescue - / SnowBrains
Virtual Everest 2020 : Camp 2 -- from Alan Arnette on his detailed blog.
A Perfect Patagonia Premiere by Raphaela Haug -- from

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -- Avalanche on the North Face of Mt San Jacinto prompts hiker rescue -- Alan Arnette -- Virtual Everest 2020 : Camp 2 -- A Perfect Patagonia premiere by Raphaela Haug

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African ascent: A moment of joy and tears on Mount Kenya

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