Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Trekking to Kangchenjunga in 2019 T/R and Pictures + Virtual Everest 2020 : Katmandu +

Trekking to Kangchenjunga in 2019 - Trip Report with pictures from Mountain.ru website
Virtual Everest 2020 : Katmandu - from Alan Arnette on his detailed website
Climbing for Air - The story of a handicapped outdoorsman with Cystic Fibrosis - RockandIce

Trekking to Kangchenjunga in 2019 - Trip report with pictures .  English translation available

https://www.alanarnette.com/blog/2020/04/06/virtual-everest-2020-kathmandu/ -- Alan Arnette -- Virtual Everest 2020 : Katmandu

https://rockandice.com/inside-beta/climbing-for-air/  --  Climbing with Cystic Fibrosis to live longer


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A few weeks ago, before the craziness that envelops us, Mati Korten and Sean Villanueva climbed a new track on the north face. " Quarantine " scale a line to the right of " Harvest Moon " (Alcocer-Griffler 2019), five long well-sustained with several wide sections. To repeat take 2 x TCUS, 2 x to #4, a #5.




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