Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upcoming hikes in Southern California

Skyline/Cactus to Clouds  thread on http://mtsanjacinto.info/ including the Mt Baldy race
See comment for details

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    From the museum at about 500 feet its about 800 ft gain in a mile to the picnic tables. The next 3000 ft gain in about five miles takes you to 4400 ft which is about half way. It levels off here to Flat Rock at 5900 feet in about three more miles. The next mile is brutal gaining about 1600 feet. The last mile to the tram gains about 900 feet
    The Sierra Club has a Cactus to Clouds trip on Oct 22 at 4.00 am
    on Labor Day there is a race up Mount Baldy
    http://www.run2top.com with about 4000 ft gain from Manker Flats
    I will post details later on http://cys-hiking-adventures.blogspot.com