Wednesday, November 27, 2013

K6 West First Ascent Video + Ueli Steck Annapurna Video by Barnasse

Raphael Slawinski K6West first ascent video
Herve Barmasse has a video of Ueli Steck on S Annapurna
Mudrat ice climbing trip report
Charlie Boscoe in the Alps
Mount San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek after Thansgiving hike by the  CV Meetup group - Facebook  --  K6 West first ascent video by Raphael Slawinski  --  Raphael Slawinski  --  Canada  --  Ueli Steck Annapurna video by Herve Barmasse  --  Ueli Steck  --  Switzerland  --  Mudrat  --  New York  --  Charlie Boscoe  --  UK and France  --  Pointe


========================================================================   Bighorn slide show    --   Bighorn slide show

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