Monday, December 2, 2013

An Excellent Year on Lower Peaks (Explorersweb) + Broken Top T/R (Cascades)

Raheel Adnan of Pakistan has a summary of an excellent year on Lower Peaks below 8000 meters
Mountainmischief (Sam Bedell) has a trip report on Eleven O Clock Couloir on Broken Mountain in the Cascades  --  Raheel Adnan  --  Pakistan  --  An excellent year on lower peaks

Laila Peak  --  Alpine Attitude  --  Washington



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  2. Those peak are amazingly beautiful even the photos says it all the different colors it make thus comes out naturally from nature. i definitely want to clim these peaks.

  3. Thanks for your comments Edwin. Positive feedback is always welcome

  4. beautiful shots especially the photo of Laila Peak, it's amazing and seems peaceful.

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  5. It's amazing how you've captured the beauty of nature. I love it.
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