Friday, August 22, 2014

Rebuffat Gully, Tour Ronde + Colin Traverse + Shark's Tooth in Greenland + Tre Cima di Lavaredo

Rebuffat Gully, Tour Ronde in the French Alps trip report with pictures by Dave Searle
The Colin Traverse in the Canadian Rockies trip report with pictures by Sean (Seano)
Sharks Tooth - new climb in Greenland by Della Bordella and his Italian team
The peaks in the Dolomites - Tre Cima di Lavaredo  beautiful hiking trips
Courte Echelle - Sierra Challenge 8/21
Spaniards climb Nameless Tower (Eternal Flame route) in 36 hours  -- Dave Searle -- UK -- Rebuffat Gully, Tour Ronde  -- Seano -- Colin Traverse in the Canadian Rockies  -- Della Bordella -- Italy -- Shark's Tooth - new climb in Greenland  -- Enrico Maloni -- Tre Cima di Lavaredo (3 Peaks in the Dolomites)

Alex Txikon y Ekaitz Maitz porteando material en la Gran Torre del Trango (2014)    Please log in     Please log in

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