Thursday, September 4, 2014

Richard Branson's Son Rescued from Matterhorn + Vanessa Francois Bivouace on Arete des Cosmiques + 10 Roures in Zion

Richard Branson's son Sam was rescued by helicopter on the top of the Matterhorn
Vanessa Francois (disabled) bivouacs on Grande Gendarme of  Arete des Cosmiques on Mont Blanc
Desert pictures in Zion, Joshua Tree and Red Rocks
5 days and 10 routes in Zion by Steph Abegg - Trip report with lots of great pictures  -- Richard Branson's son (Sam) rescued from the Matterhorn by Helicopter  -- Vanessa Francois (disabled) bivouacs on the Grande Gendarme Arete des Cosmiques on Mont Blanc    Please log in     Please log in

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