Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wildcat Point and Cold Mtn + Windriver Chronicals + Fitzroy Ascent + Charleston Snowshoe + Skyline 12/13/14

Wildcat Point and Cold Mountain - North of Yosemite trip report with pictures from Leor Pantilat
Windriver Chronicles - Part 6 - Wanderings  - trip report with pictures from Summitpost
Fitzroy ascent (in Spanish as English did not work) by Kora Pesce, Damien Tomas and Pierre Labbre
Charleston Snowshoe by Ellen Colman at
Skyline trail - December 13 by Coachella Meetup group - 58 photos
Leclerk binge-climbs 3000 meters in the Canadian Rockies  -- Leor Pantilat -- California -- Wildcat Point and Cold Mountain -- North of Yosemite -- Bill Reed -- Colorado -- Wind River Chronicles-- Part 6 -- Wanderings  -- Fitz Roy -- Kora Pesce, Damian Tomas and Pierre Labbre atop -- Ellen Coleman -- California -- Charleston snowshoe  Please log in  Please log

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