Friday, March 27, 2015

Everest NE Face F/A Attempt +Tom Ballard on Eiger + Punta Emma via Fedele + Everest Climbs to Watch

Raphael Slawinski to attempt Everest NE Face first ascent (Kangchung Face)
Tom Ballard and the Eiger - a hard day's winter
Punta Emma via Fedele (Italy) trip report with pictures by Alberto Rampini
Everest 2015 - climbs to watch by Alan Arnette who will be climbing Lhotse
New moderate mixed route in the Alps Video -- Raphael Slawinski -- Canada to attempt Everest North East Face First Ascent (Kangchung Face) -- Tom Ballard and the Eiger - a hard day's winter  -- AlbertoRampini -- Italy -- Punta Emma via Fedele  -- Alan Arnette -- Colorado -- Everest 2015 - Climbs to watch  --  List of expeditions

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