Monday, January 25, 2016

Cerro Fitzroy S. Face Colorado Route + New Fitzroy Route + Rosa Point (Santa Rosa Mts) + Cheap Climbing Adventures

Cerro Fitz Roy South Face - The Colorado Route from and Facebook
New Fitz Roy route and Patagonia season highlights by Gripped Magazine
Rosa Point 5038 ft and Rattlesnake Spring 5500 ft gain photos from Meetup in Coachella Valley
Climbing Adventures that won't break the bank - by

Max Barlerin, Quinn Brett and Michael Lukens climbed a mega line in the south face of Fitz Roy. It climbs a splitter-as-can-be crack system to the right of The Washington Route. In the central section, four pitches follow a lone crack that splits a massive blank granite headwall. In all it climbs 13 pitches, 10 quite vertical, the following three wandering up blocky terrain to join the summit slopes. They freed the route which goes at 6c+ (5.11c). They bivied at the Brecha and then climbed the route in a day, summiting in the late evening to bivy at the summit. For a repeat take: one ea. to 0.4, doubles from 0.5 to 1, triples on 2 and 3, one ea. on 4 and 5. The pitches go as follows: 35m 6b ow; 60m 6b hands;

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