Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bhagirathi 3 - Two Ascents + Everest 2016 - Season Summary + Shishapangma South Face + Pre-Momsoon Season Ends

Bhagirathi 3 - Two ascents in the Indian Himalaya by an international team
Everest 2016 - Season Summary - A normal season by Alan Arnette (blog report)
Shishapangma South Face trip report with pictures by Ueli Steck and David Goettler
Pre-Monsoon climbing season ends report by Raheel Adnan of  --  Bhagirathi 3 : Two ascents in the Indian Himalaya   -- Everest  summary  --  Raheel Adnan  --  Pre - Monsoon climbing season ends
Shishapangma South Face with Ueli Steck and David Goettler       Please log in     Please log in
Mt Logan

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