Sunday, November 13, 2016

Khang Karpo Excites Climbers + Mineral, Needham, Sawtooth Loop (Sierras) + Punta di Valmiana (Italy) + Dawn Wall on El Capitan

First Summit on Khang Karpo (Nepal)  excites climbers by Nepal Mountain News
Mineral,Needham, Sawtooth Loop (High Sierra) trip report with pictures by Leor Pantilat
Punta di Valmiana (Italy) trip report with pictures from Antonio Giani at Summitpost
Adam Ondra starts final push on Dawn Wall on El Capitan   -- First summit on Khang Karpo excites climbers (6704 meters) -- Leor Pantilat -- California -- Mineral, Needham, Sawtooth Loop -- Antonio Giani -- Italy -- Punta di Valmiana (Italy)

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