Friday, January 13, 2017

Three New Routes in Nepal's Rowaling Valley + Everest First Altitude Camp 6040m + Snow Conditions on Skyline Tr +

Two Americans climb three new routes in Nepal's Rowaling Valley -
We are already at the First Altitude Camp on Mt Everest 6040 meters by Alex Txikon
Snow Conditions on the Skyline Trail - trip report with pictures - by
Pictures from Ellen on Skyline (Mt San Jacinto) posted on Facebook -- Two Americans climb three new routes in Nepal's Rowaling Valley -- Alex Txikon -- Spain -- We are already at the Firsr Altitude Camp - 6040 meters

Image may contain: outdoor and nature  --  Skyline Trail snow conditions 

Zip, there is a path all the way to the tram. From Flatrock through the manzanita there are a few spots that are off the trail, but not much. There was a SAR operation today to find a regular Skyliner who went up in the storm and didn't return home (whose name I will not say). He was found I think about 8 -9 am this morning? I'm a little shocked he was able to survive the night from having no tent or sleeping bag. I think I followed his tracks after the Traverse. Looks like boot tracks partly covered over by new snow. It's a postholing nightmare from the Traverse on. Soft sugary powder. Dude is super strong to survive the night and continue postholing up the next morning. SAR was heading up both from the museum and from the tram. From Coffman's Crag to Long Valley is the best winter trail I have EVER seen. I'm not 100% positive but it was SAR/RMRU but it looks like a dozen pairs of snowshoes must have made switchbacks going down from the top. It looks neater than the summer trail. Looks like a trench/sidewalk of snow. Whoever did it was amazing. There is a "caution" tape at the top to discourage people from heading down I think just due to how nice that path is. The only other people I saw heading up were two guys who looked like they were ready to tackle Denali judging by their pack. Very pretty day with rime ice on the trees.

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We have ascended to 5870 meters and we will spend the night in provisional Camp 1. We have climbed very fast and felt strong. Tomorrow, more news! Don't miss it!


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