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Mont Blanc Massif - 2 Died + Film : Fred Beckey Legend + Arrow Peak 12,959 ft (Sierras) +

Mont BlancMassif - Two climbers died - from News
Film Review : The Legend of Fred Beckey - from
Arrow Peak 12,959 ft in the Sierras - Pictures by Calico Kat on Smugmug -- Mont Blanc Massif : Two men died -- Film Review : The Legend of Fred Beckey  - Arrow Peak 12,959 ft in the Sierras (Pictures)    --  Please log in     Please log in 

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#Latok I first connection with pilots and basic camp at 2:30 Moscow (4:30 by pakist).

Vitya Koval (don't know what we would do without him) transmits the weather: while everything is closed, fog. Trying in an hour, at 5:30 am.

3:30 am. Moscow pl. Vitya: the clouds are rising, stretches, but the mountain is now closed. Trying in an hour at 6:30 am

4:30 am no change

5:30 brain pl. Cloudy 5300-5500. Day Groundhog some

So I have time to write a report on yesterday's day.
There was no weather, at all. The helicopters have been flying twice and both times to the height where sanya gooks is located, could not climb. Total lack of visibility. But Sasha heard them. And he understands that we haven't abandoned him, we believe in him, we're with him. You just have to hold on a little bit more. The other connection we don't have.

After correspondence with the slovene, alešem česenom and luca stražičem at base camp, David Getler, hervé barmasse and andrei bargelʹ concluded that the only possible option to remove sanja is longlajn, so plan b - with zabroskoj participants above it - out, But there's a new one.

Arseni Boldyrev and denis failures bought tickets and tonight are flying out of sheremetyevo to Islamabad. Arseniy is a high-quality pilot with a huge experience of participating in rescue operations of this kind. Denis can work with longlajnom. We understand what's going on for a long time, but if we can make a zabrosku in which there will be food, gas and satellite phone, sanya will wait for them. It doesn't mean Pakistanis stop trying, no. These are experienced pilots, the best in their case in Pakistan. It is they who recently filmed with ultar Sarah Bruce Normand. But we decided to podstelitʹ the cornhusk.

Plan for today: waiting for the weather. Fly. Trying to take off the longlajnom, if it doesn't work out, make a zabrosku.

FP friends, thank you for your support when your hands are lowered, reading your comments, and yes, we will succeed.

Ppp completely forgot, yesterday was the day of the navy, and sanya same we have - sailor, xo, let the weather fail us, but he must definitely see the sea!


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