Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Howse Peak Summited Before Avalanche + Many Climbers Summit Annapurna + Romanian - Slovakian Team Reach Dhaulagiri + Canada's Report on Howse Peak

Auer, Lama, Roskelley summited Howse Peak before avalanche killed them on the descent - Alpinist
A huge number of climbers reach the top of Mt Annapurna - from Explorersweb.com
A Romanian - Slovakian team reach Dhaulagiri - from Explorersweb.com
Parks - Canada's Report on the deadly Howse Peak avalanche - from Gripped Magazine

http://www.alpinist.com/doc/web19s/newswire-auer-lama-roskelley-folo -- Auer, Lama, Roskelley summited House Peak before avalanche killed them on the descent

https://mountainplanet.com/blog/a-huge-number-of-climbers-at-the-top-of-mt_-annapurna-i-6823 -- A Huge number of climbers at the top of Mt Annapurna 1

https://explorersweb.com/2019/04/23/romanian-slovakian-team-reach-dhaulagiri/ -- Romanian- Slovakian team reach Dhaulagiri

https://gripped.com/news/parks-canadas-report-on-deadly-howse-peak-avalanche/  -- Canada's report on the deadly Howse Peak avalanche

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Three new routes were climbed on El Mochito this past season. In January, Matías Korten soloed “El Camino del Guerrero”, a 280-meter line with difficulties to 6b A1, that he estimates will go free at 7a, but needs cleaning first. In February, Vitaliy Musiyenko and Chris Koppl climbed Mosca para Mujer, a 350-meter line with difficulties to 5.7 A3. They suggest that if cleaned it will go free and it would offer some "red-pillaresque" splitter pitches. Also in February, Chris Koppl soloed Straight outta Nipo, a 350-meter line with difficulties to 5.7 A3+. He fixed three pitches and then completed the climb in a 21-hour push.


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