Monday, May 11, 2020

Climbing Around the World - Real World Update + Southern Patagonia 2019/20 Season +

Real - World Update on climbing around the world - from Alan Arnette on his detailed blog
Southern Patagonia - 2019/2020 Season - from - Climbing Report with pictures
Mingma G Sherpa Update on the Tibet side of Mt Everest from his facebook page
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  --  Real - World Update on Climbing Around the world - from Alan Arnette on his detailed blog

Peru's Alpamayo 19,511'/5947m  --  Southern Patagonia - 2019/20 
season - from

2020 K2 postponed/// Everest Summit plan -- Minga G Sherpa
We postponed our Karakorum Plan including K2 for 2021.
Chinese Everest team from North side are planning to reach Everest summit tomorrow. Samdu, the head of Yarla Shampo Expedition and Tibet Mountaineering Association including other Tibet Climber will fix the route to summit tomorrow. They are in camp3 (8300m) today. Meanwhile the Chinese clients team are today in high camp of Lakpa Ri 7045m and plan to make Lakpa Ri Summit tomorrow. The team for measurements of Everest’s height is back to base camp.

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