Thursday, November 12, 2020

Pine Valley Peak, Northgate West - Utah + Milford Sound Airport Wall - New Zealand + Patagonia Facebook Posting

 Pine Valley Peak, Northgate West - Zion, Utah -- Trip report with pictures from Seano

Milford Sound Airport Wall - New Zealand --  from - Trip report and pictures

Patagonia Facebook Posting - below in Facebook section - Sierra de los Baguales

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    --  Pine Valley Peak, Northgate West  --  Utah  --  Trip report with pictures from Seano.    --  Milford Sound - Airport Wall - New Zealand --  Trip Report with pictures.

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In early October, Eduardo Weber, Chacho Navarro, Gonzalo V ássquez and Karla Barria visited the Sierra de los Baguales, a mountain chain northeast of Torres de Paine. Initially they went skiing, but when they saw the south side of Redondo Hill, they decided to climb it again, opening ′′ Painakan ", a 800 m line with snow and ice from 65 ̊ to 70 ̊, and short sections of up to 90 ̊. Ascension required them 15 hours, and it was the first of the wall and possibly the mountain. From the summit they went down north. The name recalls the last Anoikenk chief who lived in the area, in the end of 1800 and until 1910.


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