Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Winter K2 Update : Calm at B.C. for a Day + High Risk to Retrieve Goldfarb + K2 summiters Leave B.C. + Chair Pk NE Buttress

 Winter K2 Update : Calm at Base Camp for a Day, Then -- Alan Arnette on his detailed website.

A High Risk Mission to Retrieve Alex Goldfarb's Remains -- from

K2 Summiters leave Base Camp -- from

Chair Peak - NE Buttress - Alpine Lakes - Cascades - WA -- Trip Report --


New Page on Personal Websites on the Forum at Summitpost in the General Section

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    --  Alan Arnette  --  Winter K2 Update : Calm at Base Camp for a Day, then....    --  

A high risk mission to retrieve Alex Goldfarb's remains    --  Chair Peak N E Buttress - Cascades - Trip Report. 

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