Saturday, March 13, 2021

Team Summits Mt Frances in the Alaska Range + El Mocho - North Face - Patagonia ( Patagonia Vertical Facebook)

 Team Summits Mt Frances in the Alaska Range  --  from Lonnie

El Mocho - North Face - Patagonia  --  from Patagonia -- from Patagonia Vertical Facebook

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    --  Team Summits Mt Frances in the Alaska Range.    --  El Mocho - North Face - Patagonia.  -- It's been a while ago, in January, Gabriel ′′ Mecha ′′ Rocamora and Seán Villanueva O ' Driscoll climbed a new line on the north face of El Mocho. ′′ Chalten without clecas ′′ begins by climbing the first long of ′′ Little Big-wall ", then going straight, offering in Seán's words: ′′ An excellent climb with a little bit of everything, wet moss fissures, blind moves behind edges , a crushed horizontal ceiling in which you have to drop your feet and choke above!".

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