Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ama Dablam : A Climbers Guide + New Routes on Tien Shan on Kyrgyz China border + Pingora and Wolf's Head Peaks - Wyoming

 Ama Dablam : A Climbers Guide  --  from Explorersweb.com website

New Routes on Tien Shan on Kyrgyz China border  --  from Wspinanie.pl ( English translation)

Pingora and Wolf's Head Peaks - Wyoming  --  from Scott Swaney facebook


https://explorersweb.com/2021/09/07/ama-dablam-a-climbers-guide/    --  Ama Dablam : A Climbers Guide.

https://wspinanie.pl/2021/09/nowe-drogi-w-kakszaal-too/    --  New Routes in Kakshala too (Tien Shan) - Kyrgyz China border.


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