Wednesday, April 29, 2015

List of Everest Base Camp Avalanche Victims + How To Climb a New Route in Alaska + Mt Hood Solo + N Everest

List of Everest Base Camp avalanche victims by Raheel Adnan
Pete Graham and Ben Silvestre - How to climb a new route in Alaska by the BMC of the UK
Mount Hood solo - new variation -  trip report by
Everest 2015 : North Everest closed, South retreats - a full recap
Everest - Almost everyone off the mountain by Raphael Slawinski

Everest 2015: North Closed, South Retreats - a full recap. I'm safe in Namche Bazaar after reaching C2 on Everest/Lhotse when the 7.9 earthquake hit. This post summarizes the events with video and photos.
First, I want to say that this earthquake is a Nepal tragedy, not a mountaineering event. My deep, deep condolences to all of Nepal, victims, injured and homeless. No country deserves this, much less the gentle people of Nepal. I am now at the Panorama Lodge in Namche Bazaar, safe, with most of the Madison Mountaineering team. In recap, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal at 11:56 AM on Saturday April 25. [ 2037 more words. ]
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