Saturday, April 25, 2015

Massive Earthquake (7.9) in Nepal - (Live) + Panther Peak - Krymptonite F/A + Video of Earthquake

Massive earthquake in Nepal - Live Updates by Raheel Adnan
Earthquake devastates Nepal by
Earthquake triggers avalanche on Everest by the BMC in the UK
Nepal death toll exceeds a thousand by the Guardian in the UK

Panther Peak - Krymptonite (F/A) - 5.11 by Vitaliy M in California
Everest Earthquake : Death- count rising - Video of the avalanche  -- Raheel Adnan -- Pakistan -- Massive earthquake (7.9) in Nepal (Affecting Everest and others)  -- Earthquake devastates Nepal  -- Earthquake triggers avalanche on Everest  -- Nepal earthquake Death toll exceeds a thousand  -- Vitaliy M -- California -- Panther Peak - Krymptonite F/A - 5.11  Please log in  Please log in

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  1. God please protect Nepal.... Please be strong guys, everything will be alright...
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