Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tetons Grand Traverse + 11 Days/ 11 Climbs at Redrock NV + Rain and Snow Slow Everest, Makalu Climbers + Tower Peak

The Tetons Grand Traverse trip report with pictures from Cascade Climbers
11 days/ 11 climbs at Redrocks Nevada trip report with pictures from Steph Abegg
Rain and snow slow down Everest and Makalu climbers
Leavitt Meadow to Tower Peak trip report with pictures/slide show from Kathy Wing
North face video teaser -- nutsand bolts -- Washington -- Tetons Grand Traverse -- Steph Abegg -- Washington -- 11 days/ 11 climbs at Red Rocks : Trip reports

Climbers’ tents at the Manaslu base camp. Courtesy: Arnold Coster

Looking back at Tower Peak as I head down


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