Friday, September 18, 2015

The Matterhorn Hornli Ridge + More Minarets + 7 Hikers Killed in Zion ID'D + 2015 Banff Book Fest Finalists

Climbing the Matterhorn - Hornli Ridge trip report with pictures by Andrew Wexler
More Minarets (Sierras) short trip report with lots of pictures by Leor Pantilat
Seven hikers (6 from California) killed by Utah flash floods in Zion National Park
The 2015 Banff book festival finalists announced - includes video
WA Pass - Liberty Group Traverse (Cascades) - trip report with pictures -- Andrew Wexler -- Canada -- Climbing the Matterhorn - Hornli Ridge -- Leor Pantilat -- California -- More Minarets -- 7 hikers killed by Utah flash floods in Zion ID'D

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