Sunday, November 29, 2015

Asura Peak First Ascent Gangga Range + Jebel el Kest (Morocco) + N Face of Cholatse Attempt + Rabbit Peak

Asura Peak first ascent, Gangga Range, NW Sichuan China trip report with pictures
Jebel el Kest (Afa-n-Tmezgadiwine) 2359 meters in Morocco, trip report with pictures
Attempt on the North Face of Cholatse trip report with pictures - includes video
Clark Dry Lake to Rabbit Peak and Villager- photos - 20 miles and 8500 ft gain (Meetup) -- Asura Peak F/A, Gangga Range, NW Sichuan, China -- Silvia Mazzani -- Italy -- Jebel el Kest (Afa-n-Tmezgadiwine) 2359 meters -- Kristoffer Szilas Attempt on the North Face of Cholarse - with video       Please log in     Please log in

Siula Grande and Yerupaj√°

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