Sunday, November 1, 2015

Turning Point in Sherpa Climbing History & Video + Carstensz Pyramid + Brits Climb Tengra Tower + First Ascent in Tuolomne in Yosemite

Turning point in Sherpa climbing History with Chobutse video of sherpa
Carstensz Ptramid from Mountain professionals website report with pictures
British climbers on Tengra Tower report with pictures by ukclimbing
First ascent of High Times in Tuolumne - Yosemite by Ben Ditto  -- Turning point in sherpa climbing history -- Chobutse Video - October 31 -- Carstensz Pyramid -- Brits on Tengra Tower

The line of High Times is unique in Tuolumne Meadows repertoire of high-quality slab climbing. Rest well at the transition between the crack and the roof. Ditto starts into the crux of High Times.                Please log in     Please log in

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