Sunday, December 20, 2015

2 New Awesome Routes on Hamilton Dome + Becca di Vlou (Italy) + Skyline Trail 12/19 + Beding Go (Nepal) 6125 meters

Two new awesome routes on Hamilton Dome (Sierras) trip report with pictures by Vitaliy M
Becca di Vlou (Vluhuare) 3032 meters - Italy - trip report with pictures from Summitpost
Skyline Trail (route) photos on December 19 with the Coachella Valley Meetup group (8400 ft gain)
Canadians on Nepal First Ascent with strong team - Beding Go in Nepal 6125 meters -- Vitaliy M -- California -- Two new awesome routes on Hamilton Dome -- Antonio Giani -- Italy -- Becca di Vlou ( Vluhuare) 3032 meters
Canadian Dean posing on the ridge       Please log in     Please log in
Skyline Trail with Coachella Valley Meetup Group 12/19/15

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