Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cerro San Lorenzo No Fiesta + the 82 Summits Video Part 1 + Spigolo Faccio Primo Apostolo + Angel's Landing Hike

Cerro San Lorenzo - No Fiesta and other new Slovenian climbs in Patagonia - Planetmountain
Ueli Steck and the 82 Summits video - Part 1 from Gripped Magazine
Spigolo Faccio - Primo Apostolo (Italy) trip report with pictures from Summitpost
5 Reasons why you should hike Angele's Landing

http://www.planetmountain.com/english/News/shownews1.lasso?l=2&keyid=43289 -- Cerro San Lorenzo No Fiesta and other new Slovenian climbs in Patagonia

http://gripped.com/news/ueli-steck-and-the-82-summits-part-one/ -- Ueli Steck and the 82 summits video - part 1

http://www.summitpost.org/spigolo-faccio-primo-apostolo/961440 -- Spigolo Faccio - Primo Apostolo -- Italy -- alpinbeta


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The birthplace of a new ocean (Credit: Credit: Jack Maguire/Alamy)



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