Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mt Dolent Traverse + Cerro Grande Punta Mini Torre + The Karakorum Anomaly + White Baldy Ramp (Utah)

Mt Dolent Traverse - Dave Searle trip report  with pictures in the Alps
Cerro Grande - Punta Mini Torre (Patagonia)  by Mattias Stutz and Christof Thaler
The Karakorum Anomaly : Glacial Research in Pakistan report with pictures
The White Baldy Ramp in Utah trip report with pictures by Andy Sherpa

http://davesearle.me/2016/03/21/mont-dolent-traverse/     --- Dave Searle -- Mt Dolent Traverse

http://pataclimb.com/climbingareas/chalten/adelagroup/grande.html#mini -- Cerro Grande - Punta Mini Torre (Patagonia)
Matthias Stutz and Christoph Thaler climbed "Rimeflow im Zuckerwatteland”, a new line on the south face of Cerro Grande’s Punta Mini Torre. In the upper part they joined the route climbed in 2012 by Max Odell, Juan & Agustin Raselli. The new line climbs snow and rime with difficulties to WI4+ and 95˚
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http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=8106 -- The Karakorum Anomaly : Glacial Research in Pakistan


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Rock Climbing Photo: The Fishers and La Sals

http://www.nepalmountainnews.com/cms/2016/03/22/mount-everest-awaits-lethbridge-man/  -


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